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Jumping And Growing Wings On The Way Up

Today’s leader doesn’t stand above the troops, she integrates, motivates, and leads the charge from the middle of the ranks. She understands that others also have great knowledge and the more they feel valued and fulfilled, the greater the ROI and the bottom line results.
She knows Millennials have a completely different set of needs and drivers than previous generations.
She’s keen to evolve WITH them.
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  1. Do you ever feel challenged delivering to a boardroom setting?
  2. Are you persuasive when speaking to the press?
  3. Do you interview well during crisis situations?
  4. Can you launch an event with a rousing and inspiring keynote presentation?
  5. Does your team give you dull PowerPoint slides that make audiences lose focus?
  6. Do you worry that you are often un-noticed in a brainstorming session?
  7. Do you feel challenged making ‘small-talk’ in case you are judged unfairly?
  8. Do you worry that your conversation and thinking are too negative and therefore uninspiring to others?
  9. Do you feel that your social media branding lets you down?
  10. Do you ever regret NOT GETTING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT in conversations?

We NEED to work on your communications skills.

We will train you to become an expert in…

  1. Personal charisma and influence.
  2. Mindset and motivation.
  3. NLP enhanced communication.
  4. Stagecraft
  5. Persuasion techniques.
  6. Humble leadership values.

Why ‘Humble leadership’? This is the new collective term for effective management adapted and used throughout every industry and getting incredible long-term results in an ever-changing world.

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What are the top 10 traits of a ‘Humble leader’?

The way you think, speak and share ideas is everything.

You ARE a brand (like it or not).

Your team will monitor your presentations, your online posts, your face-to-face interactions and your daily achievements to decide whether or not to emulate you or distance themselves from you by benchmarking everything that you are not.

Your words are all-quotable and may often be recorded on video and shared online with AND without your permission. You need to know what they really mean and the impact they have on an audience both live and viewing often years later.


  1. Influence automatically
  2. Read people and appreciate their reasons and actions
  3. Create your destiny
  4. Negotiate successfully
  5. Communicate clearly
  6. Become the most valuable member in any group
  7. Speak effortlessly and get results
  8. Economy of speech
  9. Hypnotize and engage
  10. Turn thoughts into reality
  11. Drive boardroom meetings.
  12. Lead heads of department.
  13. Grow a tribe.
  14. Embody your brand values.
  15. Project your goals onto others.

Hypnotic Leadership Training Gets Results EVERY TIME.

We use a combination of motivation, persuasion, NLP communication skills and public speaking audience engagement techniques.
When used together they produce an unstoppable persuasion toolkit for any business.

Turn your team into empowered superheroes able to give their very best and achieve higher levels of success.
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Mike Sypsomos, Project management coach.

Over my 30 years in project management I have done a lot of training and I got a lot of speeches and I just met Dave Crane here in The Speak In Dubai Conference and Dave has taught me how to be a better speaker, how to motivate people more and just from that I have decided that this is going to be my next, my next career.

Thank you so much Dave!


Patty Alphonso, best selling author & trainer

I just had the pleasure and the honor to see Dave Crane, not only entertain us with his speaking skills but also to train us and as an entertainer.

First of all, he is hysterical. He keeps the crowd going over and over and over again.

And he also uses really relevant content which is always fun. And as a trainer, every single tip that he gave us during his training session I completely implemented it and it worked.

And it was amazing and my speech was also a success. So thank you Dave Crane for being you and for lighting up the world and I can’t wait to see you again.

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