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Dave is a former BBC journalist, an award-winning motivational speaker, public speaking coach and CEO of Dave Crane Global. I also serve on the board of directors of the AFI Foundation and functions as the United Nations Economic and Social Council Main Representative for Vienna.

 As a trusted business advisor & coach, working with some of the world’s best known brands & leaders for the past 30+ years, I employ cognitive strategies to build successful and productive teams for organizations.



Do you want to

  • Learn the art of public speaking and persuasion.
  • Have the mindset to conquer your fears.
  • Define your purpose and discover your superhero skills.
  • Be an expert story-teller.
  • Build longer lasting relationships with your clients.
  • Dominate your industry with a killer lead strategy.
  • Set up your guaranteed client pipeline.
  • Grow and monetize your tribe.
  • Incorporate your value system into your business.
  • Define your personal brand around what you do best and attract new clients?
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Prince Charles, Dave Crane testimonial, Speak Onstage
Charles, Prince of Wales
His Royal Highness, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

"I am most grateful for everything which you and your supporters are achieving in inspiring and motivating young people...

None of it would be possible for the involvement of people like yourself..."
Gary Chapman
President of DNATA & Emirates Group's airport operations.

"Emirates Airlines Dubai Rugby Sevens was an absolutely fantastic event. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback. The atmosphere was just brilliant.

Thank you"
Jim Fitzsimons
Tournament Manager
Rugby World Cup Sevens

"The professional contribution from the MC team ensured the crowd was kept excited. This was much appreciated.
Please thank your extremely capable and highly professional team for a job very well done.."
Sergio W Sedas
International Speaker


"Dave Crane - Incredible & amazing coach, amazing speaker - very inspirational.
He's also a very good mentor!"
Ghada Ehmad Essa


"Dave Crane is the best coach in the market!
I learned a lot from working with him."
Ivette Mayo
Award Winning Author, Speaker

 "Dave Crane is inspiring, empowering, sharing some wonderful tools which I can use the minute I walk out the door!"

Gail Kingsbury
Conference Organizer & Author


"Every single person on the planet must find a way to work with Dave!"
Sohel Memon
Director of Sales
"Dave Crane has so much knowledge and he's been doing this for so many years!
This is really going to boost my career!"
Joyce Gioia
Celebrity Futurist & CEO
"I am so impressed with Dave Crane. How he can reach and connect with his audience & touch each and every one of us in a very special way!"
Stephanie Niazi
Wellness Expert & Therapist


"Dave Crane is the number 1 speaker in the Middle East. He has the ability to bring out the best in all of us."
Jessica Jarvi
International Best Selling Author


"Learning from Dave has made me comfortable speaking in front of my audience."
Pastor Jeremy Cole
Spiritual Leader


"Dave really helped me get over my fear of speaking live and helped build my confidence and grow as a speaker."
Work with Dave

So now you have a choice.

IMAGINE if everything you wanted from life started to come TRUE? How would that improve your daily happiness? Wouldn’t it be truly AMAZING? Or maybe just forget those OPPORTUNITIES and possibilities. You could just go back to the rat race & fulfil somebody else’s dream. Waste another 10 years wishing it was different and watching other less deserving people ENJOY SUCCESS.




Jump and grow wings on your way down!


INVEST in yourself and let us show you how to speak onstage. REPOSITION yourself as a leader in your field or industry and as a recognized AUTHORITY, finally GETTING PAID for what you know and what ONLY YOU can bring to the table.


Work with Dave
I wrote this myself. The program is designed to become the central driver of your ongoing personal development. Within 12 months you should discover and develop new skills in public speaking, persuasion, mindset, positioning yourself as an expert and launch your own speaking business. If you don’t believe you are worth this investment, you’ll never find out. It’s taken me 40 years to gather and produce this material. That’s how I know it works. My personal coaching clients ALL start making money within a few months because they make it happen themselves. They are driven and hungry for success. If you are not ready to step up to a new level of powerful business awareness, DO NOT invest in this for your future. I will not refund this because I want you to be moving forward every day. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This is about creating an incredible new business model and additional sources of revenue for life.



Work with Dave