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When gigs are big and need guaranteed success, decision makers invest and hire me.

How would you feel if all that event planning, energy, money, effort, blood, sweat and tears resulted in a disastrous experience?

Reputation is everything. Mess up your ONE chance to make a brilliant first impression and you could lose future opportunities to your competitors.
Brutal and true.

Companies across the world are now crying out for fantastic teams to run their premium events which is why without a great MC/ host/ facilitator front and centre, you could be setting fire to your own career.

Don’t worry, I got your back…
Google me.
I speak.
I mentor speakers.
I host the biggest events in the world.

Imagine heaving that huge sigh of relief because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME and everyone is happy. Your events just keep getting better, your loyal audience demands more, sponsors want to invest and partner longer, your super talented team has fun generating bigger profits than ever before.

Plus, every time you get amazing live footage, social media coverage and enough word-of-mouth buzz to transform the opening of an envelope into a global event.

How will you feel when your phone rings constantly with new clients who want your magic touch right now?

Want to know?

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Oscar Wendel

Senior Manager - Conferences & Events
    Dubai World Trade Centre

❝ I have worked with Dave in numerous events ranging from lifestyle and consumer shows such as #NoFilterDXB and enterprise IT conferences with world-renowned hackers and telco CEOs. He is the most versatile MC I know and I know I can always trust him to keep the program exciting and the audience engaged no matter what is thrown at him.

Dave is always ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and always lifts out the most interesting angles. ❞

Kristina Vaneva

Employee Engagement Professional 
  Herculean Alliance

❝ Dave is fabulous! He really gets the audience and besides professional MCing, he also engaged his incredible interviewing and camera reporting skills during the Hercules Trophy. This added tremendous value to the videos/testimonials of the corporate team building event! ❤️💪

He is authentic and also recognizes the value of his presence and utilizes it to bring great results- an engaged and entertained audience! ❞

Summaya Badbess

Conference Director, Informa

Dave’s presence adds a unique and memorable dimension to any room he steps into, I highly recommend Dave for any of keynotes, or hosting an event!!

Renaldo Howell

Sales Manager - Exhibitions

❝Dave is a great orator, audience charmer & always ready to improvise on spot.

He is good as is and i would not want to change a thing!

Natasha Swamy

Conference Producer - Exhibitions 

❝Dave is an absolute gem – not only is he fantastic and reliably funny, but he brings a unique energy and vigor to every event he hosts. Keeping a crowd engaged and alive is no easy feat, but Dave does it effortlessly. What truly sets him apart is his ability to host without a script, a talent that he flawlessly executes.

With Dave, I can breathe easy, knowing that the event is in capable hands.❞

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